Monday, August 3, 2009

CSA Harvest Box: week 6

Well to be perfectly honest, I only cooked a couple of times last week! It was just too blazin' hot. We went out Wednesday night, to my mom's Thursday night, on a date Friday night (our 5th anniversary! I'll blog on that later...) Matt's 10 year HS reunion was Saturday night... so the only things that were eaten from harvest box week 6 were the potatoes, some leeks, a couple cucumbers, and the blueberries. We still have lettuce, zucchini, parsley, tons of little cucumbers, and the rest of the potatoes and leeks. Because of the weather, we got nearly the exact same thing in our bag from THIS Saturday, so we have some serious veggies to eat this week! Hopefully we'll get through 'em before the go bad. Or before I'd have to freeze them: I'm determined to let nothing go bad!!
So- the one meal I did use last weeks veggies on:
i diced up about 4 of the new potatoes and put them in a foil packet with leeks, olive oil, salt, white pepper (Matt's not a big fan of biting into big cracked peppercorns, like some of us!) and whole garlic cloves and threw it on the grill with the steaks and artichokes (not from the harvest box, but from the farmer's market- you can't beat the price on artichokes at the farmer's market! yum-o!) anyhow- the potatoes were SO good, we're actually making them again tonight for company! Matt said he would have paid $50 for this meal. Now that's a compliment :o)


The Boggs Family said...

I would love to read your blog, but the color of the typing isn't showing up against the black. I just thought you may want to know. :)

The Boggs Family said...

Yummy!! If you're ever in need of a job, I would let you be my private chef. : )