Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Day in the Life of a One Year Old

Obviously, this post is a month old today. Happy 13 month birthday, Charley! Well yes, it appears blogging is not my top priority now that she is SO mobile! I'm a busy momma! Even so, I thought this deserved posting :) And it's taken me about two hours to get it up between serving breakfast and wiping tears and changing diapers and everything else- but, here it is, nonetheless!


A Day in the Life of a One Year Old

June 7th 2011

5:40am- you came into bed w/ me to nurse. When you were finished, you rolled onto your tummy, tucked your knees under and fell asleep.

7:02am – awake chatting w/ your sweet little raspy voice, “heh-ey

7:04am- changed your very yucky poo- still a little tummy bug.

7:07am- nursin

7:14am- I carried you outside to let the chickens down and check on the garden

7:20am- play time. A current favorite, the bead maze,

then pulling apart legos and handing them to me to put back together,

putting them back in the lego bucket,

and then a brief look at the 100 animals book we checked out from the library.

7:43am- getting cranky. I took you to your room and handed you your bunny-blankie (paw in mouth) and you took it and snuggled your head onto my shoulder. Yep, time for a nap! It’s earlier than usual, but you’re not feeling yourself quiet yet. I wrapped you up in your pink fuzzy blanket, turned on your sleep sheep, and left you to dream.

8:01am- you never fell asleep, just relaxed in your comfort zone. Now you’re giggling a little bit with your brother, who must be awake.

8:24am- I just left your room after nursing you & lying you back down

9:00am- you’ve been asleep for a little bit now, that’s more like your normal nap time. After leaving you @ 8:30 you cried some more, I picked you up and let you out of your crib for a bit but you were not happy. Saddest little birthday girl ever! So, I’m happy you’re sleeping peacefully now. Hopefully it’ll be a good one and all the restoration you need.

9:16am- went in your room and you were awake! Oh well, but you seem much happier now! We need to get ready to go to the grocery store.

happy shopper. One of your most favorite toys right now is this orange toothbrush. The handle has little balls in it, so it shakes like a rattle. You take it with you almost everywhere we go :)

11- got back from winco & nursed right away- you were DONE w/ that shopping trip!

11:15am – lego time w/ brother while I make lunch

12:03pm – all done w/ lunch, time to play w/ brother some more!

12:30pm- crawled into the kitchen to find me. I changed you, kissed your tummy & made you giggle, and nursed you to sleep.

1:30pm- you woke up and sat yourself straight up- your newest skill- and cried out because you’re still tired and couldn’t get back down & comfy. Tucked you back in w/ bunny-blankie.

2:40pm- awake, sitting up! Nursed and down to play.

3:35pm- pots and pans

3:50- nursin’ some more

4:00- shopping w/ mommy- rite aid, dollar tree, and joanns. Big girl! You got a few “pretty girl” comments while we were out. This was an out-of-the-ordinary afternoon trip, but we had to get a few things for your big party on Saturday.

I never got to record the rest of the day, but a typical evening looks about like this:

5:00- you come crawling into the kitchen, crying desperately for something to eat while I’m making dinner. I sit you in your chair and find something in the fridge to throw at you. Frozen peas, cheese, left over cooked meat, diced fruit, whatever! You usually cheer right up w/ a little finger food to put in your mouth.

5:30- time for the rest of the family to eat dinner. Half the time you’re happy to have more on your plate, the other half you’re done eating after I finally sit down and so I clean you up and nurse you while I eat.

6:30- we go for a walk as a family or you have play time w/ Daddy and Brother. Once in a while this includes a bath- which you scream throughout the entire duration. You hate baths. Tonight, however, you got to open your first birthday present! You've been eyeing baby dolls for a while, so that's what we picked out for you. You thought she was great and chewed on her hand- because that's how you say "i love you," isn't it?

7:30- bed time! Nurse, cod liver oil, diaper & jammies, stories w/ Daddy and Brother on the couch, and down for bed. You usually cry for a little while, then I nurse you, and lay you back down to fall asleep.

Love you, baby girl! Happy First Birthday!


Kami said...

I love this post! You will so enjoy looking back on this schedule when she is grown up - it would also be great to put on a scrapbook page =)

Amber said...

I love this. Thank you for sharing it!

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