Tuesday, March 30, 2010


For some, naming a baby is a very personal and private matter. I completely understand why. However I personally feel like our community will one day become her community. Your initial reactions will be similar to the initial reactions of her peers throughout her lifetime. Therefore, we'd love your input before it's "too late." Leave a comment about your thoughts, if you would. I'll create a poll after posting this, though I know many of you will read this on facebook and not bother to actually come to the blog and vote- but we'll take your comments there too. (You can vote for more that one if you're indecisive like that.)
Currently, our list is five names long. It grows, and shrinks, and grows, and shrinks again, as we mill over names in our minds, tossing them back and forth for a few weeks. We haven't even begun to explore the nearly infinite array of middle names- so, we welcome your suggestions. After each name is it's popularity ranking for 2008 according to the social security administration, and it's origin & meaning. (Possible nicknames in parenthesis.)
Without further ado:

Ainsley - 441. Scottish "my meadow"
Annalise - 702. Hebrew "grace, favor" (Annie, Ann, Lisa, Alise)
Brynlee - 895. "hill"(Brynn, Brynne, Lee)
Charlotte - 87. French "petite, feminine" German "free man" (Charley, Lotte)
Violet -184. Latin "violet"

Some possible middle names (we really haven't thought about these, seriously, I'm just throwing some together right now from names that got the axe from the list.):
Ainsley Josephine
Ainsley Rose
Annalise Teagan
Brynlee Joy
Brynlee Jordan
Charlotte Avalie
Charlotte Ann
Violet Eloise
Violet Elora

Monday, March 29, 2010

silent protest

Lately, this has been Rowen's silent protest to me doing dishes. (Lying on the floor at my feet.)
Just wait until YOU have to do the dishes, Rowen. Muwahahahaha

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Tale of Two Pitters

When we were pregnant with Rowen, we picked out this caterpillar toy for Rowen. We dangled it from his play gym when he was tiny, tied it up over his car seat as a desperate attempt for him to play with something and stay happy while strapped down for a drive, though he never took much interest. It was soon added to a basket of un-touched toys. Not very long ago (well, long ago in his short life) he found the caterpillar and played with it all day. It got cleaned up with the rest of the toys, and he found it the next day. And the next. And the next. It soon became his very favorite lovie, and earned the nickname "pitter." (Caterpillar -> callapitter -> pitter.) Mind you, Monkey has also been the tag-along lovie for just as long. But Monkey was kind of forced on him, haha. He certainly "chose" pitter for himself.
Pitter and/or Monkey come with us nearly everywhere. Walks, grocery store, park, church, you name it.
One day, I thought I'd look up the ASL sign for caterpillar to teach to Rowen. It's simple enough. He picked it up that day.
And it's a good thing, too. Because a couple days later we were at Mother Nature's and of course Pitter came along. When seeing all of the fun, brightly colored plastic potties that were great for toting and stacking while Momma looked at new diaper covers, Rowen cast Pitter aside. Momma paid, grabbed Rowen by the hand, and walked out the door. (After putting away all the fun, brightly colored plastic potties.)
Before we even had a chance to cross the street, Rowen started fussing and looked at me with desperate eyes and signed "caterpillar."

(proud Momma moment)

So, we didn't have to drive back to Southeast Portland later that day to retrieve the beloved caterpillar toy, we merely had to turn around and walk back inside and rescue him from the floor. Thank Heavens.
The following week, Pitter went missing. I turned the house upside down. (you never know what might be hiding in the pot & pan drawer, plant baskets, sock drawers....) Pitter was no where to be found. Rowen was asking for Pitter all day with his giant eyes and his sweet little sign. I knew that day we went to Trader Joes and the 5th street park, so we went back looking for him. No where. So sad.

We of course went to Seagals' and bought Rowen a brand NEW caterpillar. I forgot what it looked like originally. heh heh. mmmm..... New Pitter seemed to satisfy Rowen enough that he at least stopped asking for it. Though it was definitely all about monkey for the next several days. Pitter never even left the bed. All fluffy and shiny and new.... and clearly unloved.

Last night Rowen woke up soaking wet at 2:30am. Matt & I went in to change him & the sheets (unusual for Rowen- this is maybe the 2nd time ever. Ever. that I've had to change the sheets in the middle of the night.) As I was getting new pj's for Ro Ro, he signed "pitter" for the first time since we bought the new one. I thought "ooooh, he's finally growing on you!" until Matt asked when I had found the old Pitter. What? That's right folks, old Pitter was lost in the bed all this time! I swear I looked in the bed. Twice... I swear. Whatever! Now we have two Pitters and one very happy boy. He's had his lovie in position all day (nasty red bow thingy in palm while sucking thumb.) Rowen clearly knew the difference between his beloved toy and this new impostor!
So cute, I had to share :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Five Months

36" 111 lbs

Another month whizzes past.... only four to go! Hopefully in those four months we'll agree on a name. For now, baby girl is just going to have to be "little miss." She's settling into a routine of movement vs. sleep, which Rowen never did. (Always moving.) And she's really not giving me too much trouble yet. Guess we're still in the 2nd trimester honeymoon :)

The Progress:
pre-pregnancy: 105#
One Month: 100#
Two Months: 101#
Three Months: 102# 29"
Four Months: 107# 34"

Monday, March 1, 2010

March Resolutions

January- read through the bible in a year. So far, I'm still on track. Well, i'm a day behind. I got really behind for a while, but spent two mornings really digging in and caught up. It's amazing to me how often I skip getting in the word. i didn't think it was nearly so much, but now that I'm on a reading plan with a checklist, it keeps me really accountable!

February- use the envelope/cash system. Well.......... I didn't do 100%, but much better than the past several months, for sure. I stayed under in my grocery budget, went way over in the dining out budget (pregnancy cravings and buying a birthday dinner don't fit into the plan very well! ha!) but it helped us to see we need to revamp our budget a little bit in that area, at least. For now, anyway. For the most part, I did well and I'm trying again this month.

March- less time on Facebook and Blogs. In one way, Facebook and blogs have been such a blessing, helping me stay/become connected with people. Especially other women from church. Since I've had to stay home from church so often the last several months with a snotty toddler, I feel like Facebook is my Fellowship! But, I think I can get the same idea in much less time than I'm currently spending. After all, my toddler is needy and I'm exhausted. I don't need one more thing demanding my attention. (Probably another reason I skip my time in the Word many mornings. Sad!) So, here's my "resolution" for this month. I will not go on facebook or read blogs except while I eat my lunch after putting Rowen down for nap, (a little "lunch break" if you will) and when Matt's putting Rowen down for bed at night. We'll see how I do! Wish me luck ;)