Monday, August 10, 2009

CSA Harvest Box: week 7

Last week's share included lettuce, beans, fresh basil, summer squash, a honkin' big cucumber, blueberries, and new potatoes. (Blueberries somehow escaped the picture!) Our first produce casualty: the basil. It was a crazy weekend (this is the august 1st box) so I just threw the whole bag in the fridge before running out the door again- and the basil suffered too greatly to save. It was too cold or something and went brown and slimy by Monday- oops! Had to throw it out. :o( The zucchini also went mushy in a couple spots, (I think my fridge is set too cold and they partially froze) so I had to cut away the mushy bits. But it wasn't a lot! I made zucchini boats for the grill. Cut them in half, scrape out most of the inside, squish out the water, dice it up and saute' it with red onion, red pepper, bread, garlic, jack cheese, basil, salt & pepper, etc. (Next time I'd add tomato & more spices) and put it on the grill for 15-20 minutes. Yum!Another fun use for zucchini that I learned from my smart culinary friend Tracy: slice off thin ribbons (raw!) for salad! Very tasty. I also made ribbons of carrots- I like eating them in salad better that way then biting big chunks of carrot.

The green beans we just steamed and ate, I chopped the cucumber and mixed it with rice vinegar and a sprinkle of white sugar for a cucumber salad which was way yummy. The potatoes we diced and grilled again with leek, garlic, salt, pepper, butter.... mmmmm.

On to this week's veggies!

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