Saturday, December 29, 2007


November rolls around and in my family, everyone starts begging for Christmas lists. I'm really bad about it normally because I really don't need anything. However, I also do some begging of my own since there are so many people in my family. I thought this year, "i'm going to think of some things i would like that I wont buy for myself and actually put out a "christmas list" because its so helpful to get them from everyone else." So, with my thinking cap on for several days, I thought of a few things. One of them was an attachment for my stand mixer. I hadn't really looked at them, didn't really know what was out there, just thought; "hey, that could be cool!" Well, apparently everyone else thought so too. It was a kitchenaid christmas for Brianne! I got the the pasta roller and cutter set, the icecream maker attachment, the slicer and shredder attachment, another slicer and shredder attachment, the meat grinder attachment, and the pasta maker plates that attach to the meat grinder attachment. Whoa.
Well, Matt got a gift card to Macy's for some new work clothes so we went shopping on the 26th, and I thought I'd wander over to the kitchen aid section to see what I could exchange my extra pasta thing and extra slicer thing for. And HOLY CRAP - I had NO IDEA how expensive these things are!! Like I said, I didn't even really know what there was I just threw it on my list - now i'm feeling super guilty that everyone spent so much moola on me...
Well needless to say, Matt and I got out that pasta roller PRONTO
and put it to some good use!

MMmmmmm.... we had a fabulous dinner of homemade wheat spagetti... Now for that icecream maker...

Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Can you believe it actually happened? We don't get snow on Christmas! What a treat, though. My family all together in our pajamas, Christmas music playing softly in the background while we took turns opening presents from one another, and all of a sudden heaven opened up and gave us this gift... how beautiful :)

Thursday, December 27, 2007


This just in: I have bronchitis. yay.

Joining the Ranks

Well, my little sister's boyfriend, Josh, popped the question on Saturday! They both seem pretty darn happy & excited, so I'm really happy for them! (of course!) He gave her a bag of M&Ms that said "will you marry me" on every little m&m...
Mom (my step-mom) threw quite the impromptu party! Nikki of course had to go home and change first because she was in sweats and who wants to be in their sweats for their engagement party??
Aunt Tina and her husband Vlad just got in town, so it was great to see them- they just got married in September. I guess that would make him Uncle Vlad- but that's weird. ;) It's funny having an Aunt who is only 5 years older than you! I love her :) Uncle Scott and Aunt Michelle stopped by, a few of Nikki's friends, and of course our brothers Brit and Justin and their girlfriends Laurel and Becca- who weren't jealous in the least I bet! ;) Celebration abounded, via dancing, quite a bit of drinking, laughing, gawking at the rock, story telling, munching, and so many hugs & photos.
I tell you what, it's going to be an exciting few years. Between Nikki & Josh getting married, and the possibilities of Justin and Becca, Brit and Laurel, Matt's little brother Evan and his girlfriend Jackie, and a possible pregnancy (we hope!) the last of the 2000's could be quite a time to remember.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Married Group Christmas Party

Well this group has been together for four Christmas'. Our first Christmas together was during our newly married group at ACCF. Back then it was about twice the size and over the years has dwindled. Couples have moved away, had kids, etc. This year is no exception. Our hosts for the evening were the Browers and this year will be there last year here in Oregon. Skylar has excepted a job in Colorado and they could be moving as early as February. Good luck to you both; you will be missed.

Well the evening was fun. We played Pictionary which is one of our favorites and is always a competition between the guys and girls, and the girls usually when. This year however, the guys took home the bragging rights. Way to go guys.

We had lots of good eats and a gift exchange, which was cool but isn't as fun when there is only four couples because then there isn't much stealing especially when two of the gifts were the same. The Browers and us both got Ratatouille, which if you haven't seen you should because it is pretty good.

Oh yeah, if you are wondering why we all dressed goofy, it was on purpose. We decided it would be fun to have a worst dress
competition. Who do you think won? Take our survey on the right of the page.

Andi & Dave: Mickey Twins
Brett & Amy: 80's in red
Skylar & Jamie: Christmas button-ups

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Car update

Well for those of you that don't know, we were in a car accident about a month ago. We are both fine, but the car is not. I just found out yesterday that they discovered more damage then originally thought, bringing the estimated total to about $8000, yikes. It is a good thing that the guy that hit us was insured. Hopefully we will get the car back after the first of the year.
Some words of advice; don't get in an accident.

Present wrapping

Well Christmas is a few days away and Brianne is busy wrapping presents. Right now she is talking to her sister trying to figure out nick names for their mom to put on the presents. They are so goofy.