Friday, August 14, 2009

CSA Harvest Box: week 8

This weeks goodies included lettuce, chives, sweet corn, loads of cucs, potatoes, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, green beans, and hot peppers. We were a bit nervous about the hot peppers as we don't have much tolerance for any heat. We asked the farmers when we picked them up what we should do (just give them away?) and they said to cut out the membranes and seeds and grill the heck out of 'em. They also told us that the tip of the pepper is milder than the base- interesting! Anyhow- we grilled 'em up (along with bell peppers and pineapple chicken) and they were very mild and tastey.
We didn't do anything "special" with anything else this week- just steamed, boiled, enjoyed raw, whatever was appropriate :o) Still so yummy!


TheBoehme3 said...

We'll take any hot peppers you don't want to use! We loooove spicy stuff at our house. :) BTW, what is that engraved on your cutting board?! So cute!

Brianne said...

It's actually a BBQ board- I got it for Matt for our 5th anniversary (it's the "wood" year) it has our monogram (mHb) and underneath "five incredible years"
awww.... ;) Thought it'd be something useful that will last a long time!