Monday, August 26, 2013

Mon 8/26

Today we wrapped up the creation week by doing day 6 & day 7 together. We put together his completed "creation book" - w/ cover and all - and he's SUPER proud of it. ("What???? You can make a BOOK???")  Tomorrow, Lord willing, we'll head outside and search for things that God made, and things that Man made. Taking photos and collecting small items. Then we'll make a poster of God made vs. Man made including magazine clippings etc. He'll have to retell the creation story using his own book. I posted a photo today and will hopefully tomorrow as well via Instagram, #happelhomeschool.

Friday, August 23, 2013

wed-fri 8/23

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were the same plan as Mon & Tue - and I put a few photos on Instagram under #happelhomeschool. Both kids are still enthusiastic! The before-school walk might be our favorite part- so much to see and discover! Relishing these rain-free mornings....

Yesterday we busted out the cuisere rods which was a big hit for Rowen. He can only handle so much coloring... and since he knows his letters, there's pretty much only coloring for activities during the "intro."

Next week, we may sprint through a couple days at a time so we can get started on the "Sun" unit. We picked up a bajillion books on the sun from the library (what? that's not a number?) and he's really excited about it... we'll see!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday 8/20 - 2nd day of school

We went for our walk this morning and went on a number hunt! We searched (and found!) the numbers 1, and 2. (Shrieks of excitement could be heard a half-mile away, I'm sure.)
When we got back home, we counted to 21 on the calendar, discussed yesterday, today, and tomorrow, recited our bible verse (Ps 24:1) and sang the "days of the week" song.
We then did our bible study, and learned that on the 2nd day, God made the sky, and divided the water above from the water below. Rowen and Charlotte got to color the #2 and cut it out (or cut it up, depending on the child. See photos on instagram #happelhomeschool) and then they colored the sea, and the clouds on another sheet of paper for their creation books.
We sang our song (several times) "This is my Father's World" and then looked it up on Youtube, which the kids *really* enjoyed. Their favorite is Alli Roger's version:

and we watched it repeatedly while they crafted! (and I got a headstart on dinner! woot!)

Monday, August 19, 2013

First day of Homeschool!

Today we started homeschool. Rowen in Kindergarten, and Charlotte w/ preschool. We are using My Father's World, which is a curriculum that applies a Charlotte Mason technique.
The first ten days are EASY. I think they're designed to be an intro to homeschool- to teach your five year old to sit still for 10 minutes at a time :)

This morning, we went for a short walk around the block (with backpacks on, of course!) and then sat down at the table to begin learning about Creation.

Both the kids loved it (a few photos on Instagram under #happelhomeschool.) We spent about a half hour, colored name tags, talked about the calendar, cut & colored a number 1, and cut & glued the "light/dark" page for our creation books. (Yes, Charlotte did everything w/ Rowen. Why not?) and then finished it off w/ a preschool activity (Kids Puzzle- gross motor, sorting.)

Next week is the 2nd week of the intro & Creation. After that, our first unit (of 26) will be "Sun." We'll be covering the letter "S" at the same time.