Friday, January 28, 2011

Fire Truck Puzzle

So, I thought his fire truck puzzle skills were really awesome until he started doing his USA puzzle- but, here it is anyway, just for kicks! :)

Rowen's States Puzzle

27 months old and doing geography. who knew?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rowen's Veggie Truck

When Organics to You comes to our door, Rowen gets really excited to see the "veggie truck." So, that's what a veggie truck is, if you were wondering :)

The Many Talents of Charlotte Joy

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dieters, rejoice!

Was your new years resolution to loose weight? (again?) Are you going the same old road of low-fat & sugar free? Well, sugar free can be left for another post. There's quite a bit to say about that. But this post is dedicated to none-other than Saturated Fat.

Lately I've been looking other places for nutrition information than the government. (usda)
What I'm finding is half shocking, half "well, duh." (2nd half due to the diets of peoples around the world, throughout time.)
Here's a happy little excerpt I was just enjoying during nap time. I wanted to share with those of you who may happen to read my blog once in a while, but not the Weston Price website :)

for your dietary enjoyment:


Current USDA dietary guidelines are based on the flawed notion that cholesterol and saturated fat are unhealthy. They are unrealistic, unworkable, unscientific and impractical; they have resulted in widespread nutrient deficiencies and contributed to a proliferation of obesity and degenerative disease, including problems with growth, behavior and learning in children. The US government is promoting a lowfat, plant-based diet that ignores the vital role animal protein and fats have played in human nutrition throughout the ages.

The pyramid with its strictures against fat consumption does not recognize variations in human metabolism. Recommendations for fat restriction are predicated on the assumption that fat causes weight gain and heart disease; several recent studies have shown that that restriction of natural fats actually leads to more obesity in both children and adults, while the refined carbohydrates, polyunsaturated and trans fats that frequently replace natural saturated fats contribute to weight gain and chronic disease. Restriction of animal fats in children leads increased markers for heart disease and to deficiencies of vitamins A, D and K2, needed for growth, strong bones, immunity, neurological function, and protection from tooth decay.


The USDA Dietary Guidelines have led to the restriction of saturated fat in children’s diets; pediatricians now advise parents to put their children on reduced-fat dairy products and avoid meat and dairy fats starting at the age of two; and school children no longer have the option of whole milk in school lunches.

Authorities justify these restrictions of nutritious foods by claiming that fat, especially saturated fat, results in weight gain. Yet a recent study from Sweden found that a higher intake of fats, including saturated fats, in childhood resulted in lower body weight; children on reduced fat diets had higher body mass and greater insulin resistance.14

Furthermore, in a study of Swedish adults, consumption of whole fat milk and cheese was linked to lower weight gain;15 and dairy fat was not linked with weight gain in a longitudinal study of adolescents.16

Individuals who try to restrict saturated animal fats according to the USDA guidelines often end up consuming more trans fats. Yet animal research indicates that in calorie-restricted diets containing the same number of calories, those diets containing trans fats result in increased weight gain.17

More of the good news to be found at

So grab that cream-top yogurt and eat to your health! Sautee those veggies in beautiful butter! Slim down with delicious, creamy whole milk! (raw if you can!) oh yeah, baby. There's something to be said for Real food.