Thursday, December 27, 2007

Joining the Ranks

Well, my little sister's boyfriend, Josh, popped the question on Saturday! They both seem pretty darn happy & excited, so I'm really happy for them! (of course!) He gave her a bag of M&Ms that said "will you marry me" on every little m&m...
Mom (my step-mom) threw quite the impromptu party! Nikki of course had to go home and change first because she was in sweats and who wants to be in their sweats for their engagement party??
Aunt Tina and her husband Vlad just got in town, so it was great to see them- they just got married in September. I guess that would make him Uncle Vlad- but that's weird. ;) It's funny having an Aunt who is only 5 years older than you! I love her :) Uncle Scott and Aunt Michelle stopped by, a few of Nikki's friends, and of course our brothers Brit and Justin and their girlfriends Laurel and Becca- who weren't jealous in the least I bet! ;) Celebration abounded, via dancing, quite a bit of drinking, laughing, gawking at the rock, story telling, munching, and so many hugs & photos.
I tell you what, it's going to be an exciting few years. Between Nikki & Josh getting married, and the possibilities of Justin and Becca, Brit and Laurel, Matt's little brother Evan and his girlfriend Jackie, and a possible pregnancy (we hope!) the last of the 2000's could be quite a time to remember.

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