Sunday, March 29, 2009

Changing the World of Cloth Diapering

On Friday, Matt, Rowen and I went down to Mother Nature's, our favorite little baby store. We had to purchase a set of "premium" sized diapers, as our teeny baby is not so teeny any more and has grown out of the "infant" sized diapers. I was in denial, but Matt convinced me. It WAS getting difficult to get the snappi on! But LOOK how much bigger the new diapers are! AFTER washing & drying four times! The new, premium diaper is underneath the green-edged infant diaper. So sad that he'll never be that little again, but so exciting to watch him grow and do new things every day!
Well- while we were at Mother Nature's, we decided to buy the much debated "diaper sprayer." We've been debating whether or not to get it from the time we first registered. (a year ago!) Will it work? Is it silly? Haven't people been just fine with the "dunk and swirl" for centuries? Then we heard good things about the sprayer from a fellow cloth diapering friend, so we made the big splurge. It's kind of spendy- $45- but hey, that's just a pack of 'sposies at Costco, right? So we figure, we've saved enough money with the cloth to have "earned" it. When we were checking out, I confessed our wishey-washyness about the sprayer to the gal at the counter who quickly told me that it was changing the world of cloth diapering! hehe- that made me feel happy about our purchase. If anyone knows about the little perks in cloth diapering, it's these gals. So- we got home and I started washing and drying the new diapers while Matt hooked up the sprayer. And let me tell you, it is ALL it's cracked up to be. (Hence the blog post about something attached to a toilet meant to help clean poop.) It blasts the "solids" right off, and at this point they're still super sticky, so I'm impressed. Even after several hours of hanging out in the diaper bag while we romped about town. It's awesome. So if you cloth diaper, I recommend it! Say goodbye forever to the dunk and swirl!


TheBoehme3 said...

I read about the diaper sprayers when we were investigating cloth diapers for Brett...but instead I went with flushable liners, which fit my tastes a lot better. They're a biodegradable, natural material that can be washed if there are no "solids" and reused a couple times. If there is poo, you just flush it. Yay for whatever makes CDing simple, right?!

ck2m said...

I told my sister in-law about your post. She has been considering buying the attachment too.