Friday, July 16, 2010

more june & july photos

Sometimes i forget that not everyone has facebook and sees the cutest photos that I upload. :) So, here they are:

this was one of the super hot days. I had Charlotte on our bed, because it's coolest in the bedrooms. (under the shade of two very large trees.) I was doing dishes and realized I couldn't hear Rowen any more. I looked in the livingroom and he wasn't there. So I walked back to his room, and he wasn't there either. Instead, I found him curled up with his baby sister on our bed. How sweet is that? I said "don't move Rowen, Momma has to get the camera!" hahaha

Here's our sweet Charlotte at 31 days old, with her friend Landon at 11 days old. Aww... hangin' out under the shade of an umbrella on a hot park day.

Rowen figured out how to check on his sister when she's in the pack & play: pull up a stool!

coloring with markers!

fun times on a giant mary-go-round.

fillin' up the pool at 8 am- never mind that it's cold and the water is freezing and he has clothes on. whatever- water is FUN!!

how he's been spending his outside time the past few days. Scooping, pouring, filling, emptying, and burying in the beans! Big time fun. I set up his little play tent in the back yard, and he loves that he can zip and unzip the door flap and hide away. I love that he's in the shade, and self occupied. win win!

how she spends her time... aw, sweetness.

snugglin' sissy again this morning.

my three loves!


Tara said...

These pictures are all so cute, but that first one of Rowen cuddling Charlotte? Oh my about PRECIOUS!!

Gabe, Amber and Jada Carter said...

Awww! I love that Rowen cuddles with Charlotte. What an awesome big brother.