Friday, October 8, 2010

Last month's photos

I'm such a bad blogger :)

 Rowen checkin' out the fish at the Oregon Coast Aquarium (end of August)

 enjoying the heck out of a black bean brownie. Mmmm.

thought he'd help himself to an apple!

 Charlotte at three months old- cute as ever

 Race for the Cure - Lotte's in the back of the stroller.

 I can't take enough of these photos <3

 Rowen & Pop-Pop at the beach last weekend

 Lotte Lu taking in the sun (same day)

boy + chocolate ice cream = love

1 comment:

BETHANY said...

I love the sleeping siblings picture!!! So cute!!

I'm also happy to read it wasn't a black bean ice cream cone that Rowen was enjoying. :)