Thursday, January 17, 2008

Freezing Fog

I love everything about Spring and Summer. Long days, sunshine and blue skys, fresh fruit from the farmer's market... Fall is so beautiful and the air is always crisp and I love fall food... and then there's Winter. I get slammed with blessings early on in the winter with the double whammy of Christmas and Birthday and then.... it's just Winter for the next three months. I usually get a little S.A.D. It's just so Cold. Cloudy. Rain. Rain. Rain... Everything looks so dead and dreary outside. The heating bill.... ouch. (Good thing we have it averaged!) But then this morning I was driving to work around 7:15 and it was so beautiful outside it cought my breath. My regular little drive was covered in a light dusting of frost, turning nearly everything a sparkly-white. And the best part: freezing fog. I know it sounds crazy, but I love freezing fog. I feel like God sprinkled the whole town with glitter and it flutters around making everything sparkle. Beautiful. Maybe Winter's not all bad.

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