Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rascally Rusty!

Matt and I heard a mysterious crinkly noise coming from the den last night. He was busy doing the dishes (again!) so I went to go check it out. As I walked down the hallway approaching the unidentifiable sound, Rusty sprinted out the den nearly running me over on his way to the living room. As he whizzed past the kitchen, Matt called out "did you give him a chicken strip?"
No, I hadn't.
I looked into the den, regretting the enormous mess I was about to find, and.... well.... there was no mess. (well, besides the mess that IS our den.)
How in the...?The evidence was clear, no human hand had done this.
Rusty managed to open a bag of chicken jerky treats that was in a basket on top of another basket that is on top of some folders and photo albums that are on top of a plastic tub! All the while, not knocking it over- and taking only one piece of chicken to snack on. At least he's not a glutton.
I went to find him in the living room and he bolted.
Down the hall,
up the stairs,
in the loft,
out of the loft,
into the bedroom,
back down the hall,
back down the stairs,
"aahhh!! Mommy's after my CHICKEN!!!"
Look at that guilty face. Well shoot, I just couldn't take it away from him. After all, he only took one and he didn't make a mess! (And it was stinkin' funny!)
We'll put it up a little higher from now on... ;)


The Biles said...

Good to see you on here! I love it! Anyhow, if you want one, let me know. =) Tam

Kristi said...

I just found your blog. Love it. Cute story about your dog. It makes me feel more normal since we talk about our cat alot on our blog. See you soon

Matt & Brianne said...

you found us- yay! Yes- Rusty is our spoiled little child. We talk about him alot... it is completely normal and not at all strange! ;)