Thursday, March 20, 2008


yeah -
that's the sound my stomach has been making for the past week. *gurgle, gurgle* Matt made me call the advice nurse last night because I've been sick since last Friday and she proceeded to FREAK me out and made me see the OB today. Who said, after poking me and pushing me and asking a million embarrassing questions, that it looks like I have the stomach bug that's been going around, generally lasting 8-10 days. sweeeeet. So she put me on the BRATT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, tea, and toast) for the next two days (or until I'm better) and then absolutely no dairy for a week after that. This is going to be the worst diet ever!! *sigh* If I bite your head off for no reason between now and Saturday, at least you'll know why. I'm STARVING and in desperate need of CHOCOLATE. LoL.
To make sure everything was going well with the baby - the OB got out the Doppler to hear the heartbeat. It took her about five minutes of searching and she couldn't find it. (Enter into Panic Mode)
So thankfully she wheeled in the traveling ultrasound machine and we found our sweet little blob, taking a nap behind the placenta, with a little beating heart. Phew! I immediately started to cry tears of relief. I didn't go in there too nervous about him or her being okay but those were the longest five minutes of my life, searching and not finding the heartbeat.
The placenta is loud, though. Funny swishy noises. The doc said it's so loud, in fact, that babies have no idea what silence is until they enter this world- so there's no need to introduce them! (to silence, that is.) Which I thought was very interesting. Hear that, Baby? No quiet nap time for you!!

well, now you're officially updated. Aren't you glad? (yeah, yeah, I know. I'm lame. But you love me) :)


Jamie said...

How are you feeling, Brianne? There is definitely some nasty stomach bugs out there...and being sick while pregnant is doubly awful!

Brianne said...

Jamie- soooo much better now, thanks!

The Biles said...

I have never heard of the BRATT diet...sounds, um...interesting...