Saturday, March 15, 2008

my darling husband, whom I love to the utmost ends of the earth, spent his entire Saturday working on the baseboard moldings for our house. It's not a very exciting picture, I know,- but trust me it looks GORGEOUS in the dining room and hallway that he got done!! There's so much more to do- poor guy. He was out in the garage painting them all as it was raining and hailing and windy outside- he's my hero. :)
And now that we've had dinner and are ready to settle down for the evening, he said he was going to take a shower. (hmm.... all covered in paint & a hard day's work... I wonder why?) and I went upstairs to tell him something and he was scrubbing the shower clean!! Twenty minutes later he called the dog upstairs to give him a bath!
I love my husband. *sigh*

Edited 3/17 to say: And not only saturday, but sunday as well! We got home from church and poor Matt curled up on the couch for a power nap, feeling stuffy and achy with a head cold and then got right up and continued working! He finished the downstairs and stairway upstairs hall. I'll post a better picture when I get home!

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The Biles said...

I definitely know how hard it is for those baseboards to look that beautiful. Chris did ours, and it was a HUGE project. Kudos to him, isn't it great to have handy hubbies?