Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Rowen Report 2/9

Well, Rowen's great grandparents all live out of state and aren't exactly blog followers, so I thought I'd have Rowen wright them all a letter and include some pictures so they can watch him grow. Thought I'd share here what "he" wrote- haha

The Rowen Report!
February 18th, 2009

Hey there, Great Grandparents! This is Rowen, and since you’re all so far away and can’t watch me grow, I wanted to write you all and let you know how I’m doing these days. I am four months and ten days old. Yeah, I’m really getting up there! I had my four month check up about a week and a half ago and I’m doing great. My doctor is impressed with how strong I am when I’m on my tummy, and also with how good my skin looks despite the winter weather! I had a pretty nasty case of cradle cap, but thanks to some magic natural aloe lotion from my Nana (Wendy) it healed up in just three days. Now my head is GORGEOUS! And still pretty much bald. Oh well. I weigh just over 12 lbs and am just over 2 feet tall. And, cute as a button, of course. That makes me pretty small for my age, but I’m healthy as a horse. Eating great and active all the time! Sometimes I can roll over, but it’s super hard work. It’s much easier just to twist and turn every which way to see what I want to see. And I don’t mind being on my tummy, so rolling over is not my highest priority. Especially if there is something to chew on!
My favorite pass times lately are playing with my feet, eating my fingers, being naked, laughing at my daddy (he’s SO funny,) drooling, and of course, chattering away. I have lots to talk about and love it when people talk back. Momma thinks I’m going to be very social some day. I’m happy nearly all of the time, it’s so easy to make me smile and laugh! I love faces, my stuffed “Mr. Frog,” my “fuzzy” blanket, links, and my yellow crinkly paper. I also love to slam my hands down on my baby table because it makes a GREAT loud noise! All by myself! I still hate going in the car. Momma and Daddy put some links up so I can play while we’re driving and sometimes that’s okay, but sometimes it just doesn’t matter and I scream and cry anyway.
I also love to sleep. When I’m tired, just put me in my crib and walk away, I’ll do the rest! I find my thumb, my “fuzzy,” and drift off to dream land. It’s great. (Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll sleep all night- I still like to wake up every two hours to eat some nights. I just want to make sure Momma knows how much I need her. That’s all.) :o)
I hope you are all doing well, staying happy and healthy and enjoying the New Year! I know I am (not that I know what a “new year” is… everything is new to me!) Enjoy the pictures, I’ll try and write again soon.

Much love,
Rowen Micah Happel

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The Boggs Family said...

That's so cute!! I know the grandparents will love it!!