Wednesday, April 15, 2009

6 months!

Can you believe my baby is six months old? I can't.  I just can't. I wont! It's not true!

okay..... it is.


he's getting so big (well, he's really just a squirt, but he seems big to me!)  He's eating avocado, brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and peas.  He can sit by himself, roll over any which way he wants to, (usually onto his tummy, which he seems to prefer.) He scoots around the kitchen floor (carpet is still a challenge,) and he LOVES the johnny jumper.  He wants to stand all day, and will pull himself up from sitting if you hold his hands.  He never stops moving- except for when he's asleep.  When we wear him in the moby his feet continually kick.  I love it!  He still coos and squeals a bunch, and lately sticks his tongue out and says "da da da da da da." His laughter is so contagious- he makes strangers smile everywhere he goes.  One of my favorite things to do with him is take him to Costco- all the old people love to stop and talk to him and smile at him and grab his feet- and he's so polite and plays along!  Oh, Momma's pride and joy. 

On a less (much less) "momma's joy" note- he's just about weaned himself, little stinker.  At his 6 month appointment he'd dropped down to the 3rd percentile in weight (doc still says he's fine and stop worrying!) but said I should offer a bottle after nursing just to see how much more he'd drink.  Well, a few days of that and he decided that bottles are SO great (still breast milk) that he could do away with the boob all together.  He'll still nurse in the middle of the night, because he's too sleepy to notice. haha.  That's the only time he'll let me hold and cuddle him too, so go figure!  So now I'm pumping every 2-3 hours and just giving him bottles during the day, because the battle to nurse was breaking my heart.  (For a few days, he would scream and cry real tears every time I'd put him to breast!  On the other hand, when he sees a bottle, he smiles and reaches out and kicks his feet. Stinker.)  It's not a supply issue, because I pump the same or more ounces than he's drinking.  He's just letting me know he's a big boy, I guess!  Wont be the last time.... I'm sure!  I'm going to give it my best to keep this up for another 6 months because I know that breast milk is absolutely the best thing for him.  So- got any good books you want to lend me?  I'll be having plenty of time to sit and read- (15 minutes out of every 2-3 hours, to be exact!) hahaha


ck2m said...

Are you using the hand pump to pump? Power to you. I have meet a lot of moms in my line of work have little ones like yours who just decide they are done. What an awesome thing you are doing for him and continuing to pump.

TheBoehme3 said...

Go supermom!
I am so impressed with your dedication to pumping. I hated it, especially with my hand pump. Later I got a little Medela (no BPA in the receptacle), which was so much better. You are welcome to borrow the motor part if you want to get a receptacle. It is SO much better, and faster, than hand-pumping. Thank goodness Brett is still happy to nurse...although he's starting to transition gradually to the bottle, which is fine since he's almost 16 months. No formula for this kid, ever!

Anyway, more power to ya...and I completely identify with the craziness that is a boy's energy! Can you believe it - they just never stop! Enjoy the creeping/crawling phase while it lasts. He'll have you running after him in no time!

The Boggs Family said...

Yeah for you for continuing to pump- that takes true dedication!

Kristy said...

no way it can't be true! he can't be 6mos already! sheesh!

good for you for continuing on by pumping!

Brianne said...

Carol and Monique- Oh, no, a sweet, sweet Momma from church is lending me her electric pump! Oh, I liked the hand-pump for once a day- but the dual action is a HUGE time saver!

Jacki R. said...

No, I can't believe he is six months old already!! Sorry about the nursing, but I suppose it's a blessing that you still have a supply, rather than the other way around!