Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First Snowfall of the Season!

and what do I do? Drag my toddler out in it of course!! Sweat pants, leather boots, and no mittens.... but it's the best we could do on short notice :o) He LOVED it! We were out for less than 10 minutes when I decided we should go in to let his hands thaw. He had a genuine tantrum! (hot cocoa solves everything, though) :o) Enjoy the snow, and stay safe everyone!!!


beauty school drop out said...

We also ran out for the snow. N loved it and threw a major fit when we came in.

R is getting so big

Vinae said...

So cute! Yes, hot cocoa also saved us a meltdown when it was time to come inside.

Kristy said...

he is so scrumptious!
pure joy out there in that snow! :)

The Boggs Family said...

By the time I was ready to let Logan play in the snow it was dark... Bummer!! It looks like Rowen had a great time!!