Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Conversations in ASL

We've been doing our best to use lots of sign language with Rowen, in hopes to improve our communication. He's been picking them up here and there, but the other day we actually had a "conversation" of sorts- and I feel like I should put it in the record books!
For a little background, Rowen hadn't had a bath in a couple days because of being different places for holidays and such. Normally, Daddy does bath & bedtime. Since birth. It's their special time together.

We had just finished a nice big messy spaghetti lunch. I asked Rowen if he'd like to take a bath. He signed "Daddy." I said, "Daddy's not home. Momma will give you a bath." Rowen shook his head "no" and signed "daddy." I wiped him up and took him out of the high chair and said, "okay, can we wash your hands?" he rubbed his hands together and walked to the bathroom. So, we washed hands (and face/head) and I put him down. He signed "bath." I said, "do you want a bath? Momma will give you a bath." To which he shook his head "no," signed "bath, daddy," and walked out of the bathroom. HAHAHA!!

The signs he's using regularly are:
daddy (he pats his head for daddy, momma, grandpa & grandma)
all done
banana (which I think just means fruit to him)
and...... of course, he's very good at pointing.


The Boggs Family said...

That conversation sounds so funny! I love how opinionated they are at such a young age. He he!! Logan says "that" and "I want that" all of the time. And now he goes to the pantry and gets out his snacks. Or he goes the fridge and lets us know he wants his milk. I love how they communicate. They're so adorable!!

Patti said...

Awww how cute. It is amazing how capable their little minds are. All of the sudden too it seems. I wish we had started signing earlier, we got on the bandwagon a little late. Ems says "all done" and "more" and I got her to say "please" once. She won't say "thank you" though. Whenever I tell her to say "thank you" she laughs at me like, "oh mama, you don't have to thank me!". Gotta keep at it!! :)

karen said...

That is too cute! (Bath time is daddy's domain here too--special bonding at the end of the day!)