Thursday, April 29, 2010

Toddler Meal #1

Thought I'd share this super easy, fairly nutritious "toddler meal" idea - in case you might have little eaters at home and need some new ones. (Ideas, not new toddlers. Heaven knows I need some new ideas!)

Beets & Buttered Noodles
5 servings

2 cups dry mini pasta shells

one bunch roasted beets (alternatively, 1 can. rinsed)

5-10 black olives, sliced

2 T butter

Boil noodles. (For added nutrition, boil in vegetable or chicken stock or milk or a combo rather than water.) Drain. Add butter. Dice beets, slice olives, stir both in with noodles until the noodles are completely pink. Serve one bowl to your hungry kid, freeze the other four for later. This is one of Rowen's top 5 favorite meals, no doubt! Who can resist pink noodles, anyway? ;)

I like to freeze his "meals" flat in sandwich baggies.

Then they stack beautifully in a plastic shoe box. See?

p.s. if you've never roasted beets, you should. They are SO good. Leave a comment if you'd like a how-to.


BETHANY said...

Interesting. I wonder what my kids would think of pink noodles. Maybe I'll try this out during the second half of May.

ck2m said...

You are so organized! Thanks for the future idea on freezing meals.

Tara said...

That looks really yummy! What a great idea too. I'll keep this in mind for down the road when our little one is eating real food :)

beauty school drop out said...

I love roasted beets. Not sure my preschooler would eat this. hmmm I should try.