Friday, April 30, 2010

7 months

38.5" 120#

Wow- I really can't believe I'm seven months pregnant today!  I think I might say that every time, but seriously, it's going by so fast.  No time at all and we'll get to meet our sweet Little Miss.  I'm getting really excited! Oh, to hold a tiny, squirmy, sleepy baby again!  With her little floppy head and squishy cheeks- mmmmm... sweetness :)  They say now she should be about 3 pounds and 17 inches long, and functioning more and more like she will outside of the womb.  Dreaming, "breathing" amniotic fluid, seeing shadows & changes in light, feeling, hearing differences in voices, making her own red blood cells, and keeping her own body warm.  Her brain is still in high gear, as well as putting on the fat. Maybe that's why I'm eating so much ice cream... you go, girl. Pack it on!  On that note, haha, I've been weighing in on the Wii.  Today is the first day that I'm officially "overweight."  I'm kind of sickly happy about that. :)  Although, the Wii guy was not. "Let's try to set a new goal closer to a BMI of 22."  Yeah.... maybe later!!
I have to say that God is so good.  The nerves have been almost completely replaced by excitement and joy to meet our baby girl.  Rowen has been SO affectionate lately, to us and my belly and everyone he comes in contact with and to his baby doll- I think he's going to do great with her.  Her name still remains a mystery to us, but I'm confidant that she will eventually have a name, and not go to kindergarten as Little Miss H.  Now that's not to say I'm all put together emotionally.  I'm having some pretty awesome mood swings and "hormonal" moments. I'm forgetful, and doing my best to not be whiny- but failing. :)  The heartburn is back in full force and the insomnia is creeping in as well.  And I just feel generally huge & exhausted.  And then I remind myself- two short months!!  I'm trying to enjoy all the precious time I have with just Rowen.  We're going on lots of walks when the weather lets us, playing at the park, munchkin playland, and just visiting friends.   Life will never be the same!  Good thing he wont really remember. :)

The Progress:
pre-pregnancy: 105#
One Month: 100#
Two Months: 101#
Three Months: 102# 29"
Four Months: 107# 34"
Five Months: 111# 36"
Six Months: 115# 37.5"
Seven Months: 120# 38.5"

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