Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A little lovin' from Ro Ro

he does love his baby sister!

A few days back, Rowen was playing in his "ball pit" in the back yard.  I came over to find this scene:
he threw only red balls out of the sandbox.  Isn't that strange? Or genius. Who knows? hahahaha!

Roro got to play with Jada for one of our hospital days.  He loves his Jada.  He's been talking about her non-stop ever since.  Love it!

Another "caught in action" moment.  Can you tell what he's doing?
changing his baby's diaper!  I've been changing him on the floor by his changing table.  (right here.)    What a sweet little goofball.

During our photo shoot with Kristi, Rowen was pretty much a wreck.  To keep him happy, (er, TRY to keep him from throwing a complete tantrum,) we gave him a snack of kidney beans. (one of his favorites. And, not too messy.)  What does he do?  Dumps them out and sorts them.  Whatever!


BETHANY said...

Love the pic of him and Jada on the car. So cute!

Jacki R. said...

Yes I love how he's taking his girlfriend for a ride!!

How nice of you to get him a real life baby to play with in Charlotte!