Monday, June 28, 2010

Peas! (and other sunny weather photos)

Our sweet peas simply exploded over the last week. Rowen doesn't seem to mind eating his veggies a bit. At one point, I asked him to not pick any more peas. So, he just ate it straight off the vine. Ha! (and I thought slugs would be the problem!)


Sister's first stroller ride!

Ooh, she's actually awake! 1st tummy time

To be honest, he's a little obsessed with Daddy's lawn mower. So, Mimi & Pappy got him his own "mo mo."

And- other bubble fun. Obviously, this jar of bubbles did not make it through the afternoon. neither did the outfit. :)

Other veggies Rowen eats: kale. He just doesn't know it because it's blended up into his kefir shake. muwahahaha. Check out that green mustache!


Sara said...

Too cute! We also have a pea muncher in our little Garden.

have you tried chard and spinach in smoothies so good. My three year old ask's if we can make green smoothies.

Your little ones are getting so big.

The Carter Family said...

I love the "chomp" picture. :-)

Your kiddos are so stinkin' adorable!

Brandon, Tracy and Riley said...

Way to go mommy! Green smoothies are the way to go! Our newest is to add some frozen acai berry in with the spinach and other fruit. Yummy!

Riley too loves our peas. Sometimes crunches them but more often than not likes them opened up to eat the peas individually.

Such a cute family!