Friday, November 12, 2010

Soup Swap!

This was not my idea, I got it from the Food Day a few weeks back. You make a couple gallons of one kind of soup, have a bunch of friends do the same, and then trade! Brilliant, right? Well, 6 friends (myself included) decided to give it a go. And I'm so glad we did. :) I made my version of lentil soup, which is loaded with yummy veggies, chicken stock, and red wine. Here's the parsnips and leeks getting all caramel-y. Oooooh. While browning these babies, I considered making a dish some day of just parsnips and leeks. (potatoes, carrots, green onions and celery lie in wait.)
here's Rowen examining my 6 quarts, lying out to cool before popping 'em in the freezer.In return, I got taco soup (already enjoyed- thank you,) potato soup (made by an Irish girl. Oh yeah. Also already enjoyed.) Chili, pumpkin soup, and chicken & corn chowder. So much fun! And to have 6 dinners in my fridge/freezer just waiting to be heated & served? Priceless. And 6 quarts was just about perfect. It took me two big pots, and was not quite a hassle. Any more might be. So get out there and find some friends and swap some soup!


BETHANY said...

What fun idea!

ck2m said...

Already in the works with a group of my friends. I really like the idea. Thanks!