Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Box of Happy #2

Contents from our 2nd Organics to You box:

1 bunch Carrots-*LOCAL, farm direct*
1 bunch purple Kale -*LOCAL, farm direct*
1 bunch Collard Greens -*LOCAL, farm direct*
1 winter Squash(mixed types) - *LOCAL, farm direct*
1 bunch Beets - *LOCAL*
1-2 Onions - *LOCAL*
1-2 Garlic - *LOCAL*
2-3 Celeriac - *LOCAL, farm direct*
2 Green Peppers - ?

1 head cabbage -?
broccoli -?
lettuce -?
bok choy -?
mushrooms -?
1 bunch bananas -?
4 Satsumas - Cali'
4 Kiwi - Cali'
6 Jonagold Apples Apples - *LOCAL*
3 granny smith apples
3 lemmons
3 Navel Oranges - Cali'
2 avocados?

This week I tried a Veggie Box ($33) with a fruit add on ($15) and it looks like a good variety! I picked up a small bag of apples, a bunch of bananas, and a bag of cuties from Trader Joes for the extra fruit.

I made this recipe with the bok choy- it was good! I threw in some shrimp and half an onion and served it over brown rice.
I'm planning on making this recipe with the celery root later this week. I'm excited to try a new vegetable! Who knew you could be an almost 30 year old veggie lover and still be trying new veggies?
And I made this recipe (with regular lentils since I didn't have red) last week for the Buckendorfs who welcomed sweet baby Kenzi into the world. It was so good, I'll be making it again this week, but I'm going to use the collards from our box instead of the spinach that I used last time. I'm also going to pick up some red lentils and see what kind of difference it makes! (If you were going to try this recipe, I also used a mix of veggie & chicken stock instead of water, and regular lentils take longer to cook than red lentils, fyi)


Brandon, Tracy and Riley said...

The lentil soup was delicious!!! Thank you, thank you Brianne. What a blessing your meal was to us!

Brianne said...

so welcome, Buckys :)
made it with red lentils: still good, but i liked the 1st batch better! The collard greens were actually really yummy, though!