Friday, May 23, 2008

I too have made the switch...

to a BPA free water bottle. I've been hearing about it for years- but it seems to be getting more and more recognized as an actual problem. Tammy's entry got me thinking about it again, especially for little Rowen. When we registered two Saturday's ago at Mother Nature, we decided to go with BPA free bottles for him, even though he wont be using them very often. Then Matt was thinking about how everything I put in my body goes into his, and he suggested I switch over as well. (Since I carry around my fake Nalgene constantly.) So- after a couple weeks- he picked me up this neato camelbak from REI. Sweet, huh? I like that it's still plastic, since I'm a bit of a clutz and drop things all the time- and it's even worse with pregnancy. Hopefully this bottle is still tough!

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