Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Memorial Day Weekend was spent painting the new apartment! We busted it out in two days- we're practically professionals by now. ;) Here's some pictures to give you an idea!
Matt's getting started trimming the living room...

here's the living room all done & tape-free, even! Rusty's hanging out on the patio- it's nice and sunny here next to the basil!

Here I am painting Rowen's room! yay for nesting :)
Rowen's room is almost done- Rusty's pooped. It's been a long day.

Master bedroom...Dining room- same color as the living room

Phew! we took a break for our first "dinner on the floor" in our new home. Tortilla soup- yum!


ck2m said...

hey we were twins this weekend. Corey and I finished painting our last room. You two have a good eye for color.I think it is exciting to see how paint can change a room so much. Have fun nesting.

Mary Lou said...

So fun to see you last night at Judy's study! Where did you find an apartment? Just wondering....always looking for other SAHM to hang out with at times.

BETHANY said...

Looks great! Is your apartment in the same neck of the woods?

Kristi said...

Looks good-very homey. I love the color selection.

The Biles said...

Can I just say how cute you and your belly are lookin lately???