Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer Food

Is it just me, or does anyone else get excited about the food that comes with new seasons?? The sun this afternoon got me craving a cold cous-cous salad.
after a quick trip to trader joes (which was actually for dinner items) I had everything I needed for a delightful summer lunch! Even though it's barely spring- it's hot enough to be summer :)
Into the bowl:
1/2 C whole wheat cous cous
1/2 C boiling chicken broth
cover 5 minutes while you chop up or grab:
1/3 cucumber
1/2 tomato
3 baby carrots
a dash of garlic powder
3-4 grinds fresh black pepper
1/3 can garbanzo beans
a few dashes of ground flax
1/4 C or less dried cranberries
1-2 T pasteurized crumbled goat cheese
1 T olive oil

mix away and eat eat eat!!! oooooh it's so yummy- add a tall glass of decaf iced tea (with plenty of sugar!)... mmmm.

Tonight I'm making a huge bowl of bow tie pasta with pesto, chicken, and baby plum tomatoes- oh how I love my summer pesto!!! I picked up two basil plants rather than the box of fresh basil because it's so expensive- at least these babies will continue producing for me!!
Now, if I only had some fresh farmers market peaches....


BETHANY said...

I don't think my family would be crazy about your couscous salad, but I think it sounds YUMMY!!

Jamie said...

I am excited about summer foods too. We had an awesome watermelon and fresh sauted green beans with dinner. I am looking forward to those fresh peaches, tomatoes, and corn along with a tall glass of minted iced tea or lemonade. Yeah for summer and it's foods!

Kristi said...

sounds yummy. I'm excited to have friendship bread in a few days. thanks again!

Lori said...

Dear Matt and Bri
I am so, exited for your new son ! Have a blessed day .L,Lori