Friday, June 13, 2008

news & weather

Have you seen the forecast? I can't believe it! We're actually going to have a little bit of spring before summer hits! I'm completely thrilled :) I'm so excited I had to tell someone, and Rusty doesn't really care- so I thought I'd say it here! (I know, I'm a nerd.) I'm so tired of the 50's and 60's and allllll the clouds and drizzly drizzle- ugh! The sun surprised me yesterday by coming out from wherever it's been hiding- I'm so happy that's its around to stay for a bit!

In other recent news, today is my last day of work. I'm excited & nervous to begin by career as housewife & soon to be StayAtHomeMom- will I enjoy it? Will I be good at it? Will I drive myself crazy talking to the dog? ;)
God's Word proclaims blessings for a woman who puts her husband, her children, and her home above the things of this world world and so I'm choosing to believe Him and going for it! I just pray that my presence at home will be such a blessing to Matt that he'll never think twice about having to be the sole provider. That what I accomplish here will make him so happy and complete that the stresses of this world wont follow him through the doors. That I will be able to make our home a place of refuge and a center of peace & calm- well, at least until baby Ro gets here and kicks up a storm for a little while- and then back to the peace and calm later. ;) We must be realistic, after all!!


Kristy said...

i wish you well with your new "career"! ;)
i am here for you just incase you start to go insane! haha!! =)

Brianne said...

Thanks! It'll be nice to have an "old pro" to turn to! ;)

ck2m said...

Great words. I think Matt, Rusty and baby Ro are lucky to have you.

BETHANY said...

So, how was your last day of work? Hope your first week at home is a fun one. :)

Jamie said...

Yeah for stay at home moms! It can be challenging, but always worth it. Baby Rowen will thank you.