Monday, June 30, 2008

6 month belly!

Here it is! Holy crap. I'm sad to say the stretch marks are peeking out- pretty pale and tiny so far (and you can't see them in the photo so don't try and find them!) but I'm afraid I'll be a road map soon! Good thing I decided to do these photos in black and white. ;) Matt and I were walking on the beach on Saturday and it was pretty tough with the soft sand and all- we turned around after about 10 minutes and I had to chuckle at our footprints. Matt's were so straight and mine were all heel-in, toe-out. I wondered out-loud why our patterns were so different and he reminded me that my feet are probably compensating for all the weight out front! Yeah folks, I'm waddling. HELLO! I feel like there was another story that I wanted to share but I can't think of it. Baby brain strikes again! :) Oh well, it's late.... maybe i'll remember it later. For now, I'm off to bed!

the progress:
pre-pregnancy: 102# 24"
one month :100# 24"
two months :101# 29"
three months :104# 32"
four months: 108# 32.5"
five months: 114# 35.5"
six months: 118# 37"


Kristy said...

one word comes to mind: HOOOOGE!!! hahaha!

you look fantastic! ;)

Jacki R. said...

You look great Brianne! It's wonderful to see such a healthy little guy in there. So glad to hear you and Matt had your babymoon too!