Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Tagging We Will Go...

I've been tagged by Kristy!!!

The rules...10 photos, take them right away,


tag 5 friends.

1.) Dream vacation-
Perhaps another cruise...? I don't think it would matter- anywhere with my husband, sunshine, good food and wine, and a comfy bed!
We are going to a B&B at the coast this weekend for our "babymoon" - I don't think it qualifies as "dream vacation" but I've really been looking forward to it!!

2.) Self portrait-

3.) What my kids are doing right now- He's havin' a party in there! Guess he likes frosted mini wheats!

4.) My closet- yeah...... exciting.

5.) My favorite room-
okay, I can't say that I have a "favorite" room yet, but this is too entertaining not to share with you all. This is the "nursery/office/storage/craft room/ironing space/linen closet/instrument/exercise equipment" room
oh boy. Hopefully I can get it situated before September!

6.) My favorite shoes- YOU WOULD SERIOUSLY MAKE ME CHOOSE???? Okay, so I also love my nikes and wear them almost daily, I wouldn't say they make me excited to put them on. haha. I love shoes :) And well, my crocs aren't all the exciting either but I must admit they are surprisingly comfortable for how ugly they are! And the nike flip flops -also not exciting- but are the best flip flops EVER- so squishy- even after two years.

7.) The laundry room- laundry "room" -hahahahaha
Well I must say I am super grateful to have a W/D in unit!! Going to a laundromat with cloth diapers would be a nightmare!

8.) The toilet- um... this one's a bit strange. Is this a game to see how tidy your friends' houses are? lol- no-frills john here!

9.) The kitchen sink-
Good thing I already cleaned up the mess from dinner. haha.

10.) The fridge-It's pretty dinky, but we're getting used to it! It's hard to only go to the grocery store twice a month when you don't have enough room for everything. And we're hoping to buy a freezer for the garage soon...

I tag: Kristi C, Bethany, Jamie, Carol & Tracy!
Now go do it & have fun!!!


Kristy said...

your belly is ADORABLE!!!!!!! ;)

Brianne said...

.... thanks.... I feel I'm quickly transforming from "belly" to "boat." lol! The next three months should be interesting!!!

ck2m said...

You are getting so big. What a cute tummy you have. Your apartment looks like Corey and I's old one.

Kristy said...

"all aboard!!! the S.S. Rowen is about to set sail!!!" hahahaha!!! ;)

have you begun to waddle? thats fun! ;)

Brianne said...

Carol- thanks! Kristy- you crack me up. yeah- I've been caught waddling when I'm tired!! :-O