Friday, July 25, 2008

$1.50 cheesecake?


Dear Insider,
In a few days The Cheesecake Factory will announce a very special offer in honor of our 30th anniversary. However, as is customary at the Insider's Table, we wanted to share the news with you
What's all the excitement about?
On Wednesday, July 30, Cheesecake Factory restaurants nationwide will offer every delicious slice of our more than 30 varieties of cheesecake for $1.50 per slice - just like we did when we opened our first restaurant back in 1978!

It's no coincidence that Wednesday, July 30, also happens to be National Cheesecake Day. After all, what better time to enjoy the cheesecake you absolutely love! As you know, sharing is part of the fun at The Cheesecake Factory so feel free to share the news about this special offer with your friends.
So, come celebrate with us on National Cheesecake Day! And, stay tuned for more news about our 30th A nniver sary Celebration!

Your friends at The Insider's Table

Our anniversary is the 31st and we'll go to cheesecake factory then (thanks for the gift card, mom and dad!)- so I don't think we'll be participating in this offer. Two days of cheesecake in a row is a bit much... haha.
Our wedding cake was cheesecake, thanks to my best friend's brother & mom who made them all- I think there were about 14 cakes total. A three layer NY style vanilla cheesecake, then peanutbutter cup, lemon, margarita, orange, pumpkin, chocolate... was there more? I can't remember. But oooooh- the couple we got bites of were soooo good.... I think Matt's favorite was pumpkin and mine was peanutbutter cup of course, but who can pass up a good homemade cheesecake?


Mary Lou said...

$1.50 cheesecake! Do you have to eat in or can you walk up and order a piece or two to go? Do you even know?

Brianne said...

I don't know! I got the announcement from my aunt in an email :)

ck2m said...

I remember your wedding cakes being very pretty, especially the one on the main table.

Kristy said...

mmmmmm mouth is watering! =)