Friday, July 11, 2008

Wedding Time

Wow, I'm a blog slacker. You'd think now that I'm home all day I'd be spending all sorts of time on the internet- but it's not true! In fact, I feel way busier than when I was working! How funny is that? Anyway- back to the subject at hand...
We went to a wedding last Thursday (the 3rd) of one of Matt's high school friends. We went with Evan & Jackie (his brother and his brother's fiancee'), and Chase and Lyndsay, (his kind-of sister and her hubby.) It was the first time we met her hubby so that was fun! Lydndsay is also pregnant and about a month behind me, so we spent the weekend sharing pregnancy woes. Hope your back is feeling better, Lyndz! Obviously, she was a bridesmaid in the wedding- they flew out from.... oh shoot I always forget... Arkansas?
Well we had a fun night of dinner and dancing- we don't get to do that very often, so I enjoyed it! The wedding was at Gray Gables and it was HOT in there. Holy cow. I always feel so sorry for men at dress up functions when it's hot- here us ladies can wear little summery dresses and they still have to don the long sleeves and pants! (Well baby, you looked very handsome anyway!)
Oh yeah, and here we are: MAN i'm fat.
Is it the camera angle??? haha. I thought I looked pretty cute that night but maybe not. Check out the stretch in the fabric- whoa mama! I'm getting ready to have my body back. I love feeling him wiggle around and punch my bladder and kick my lungs and all- but seriously, I could use some sleep at night. And walk around for more than 10 minutes during the day without getting winded- and go back to my old work outs- and eat everything that I want to without worrying if it has lysteria or alcohol or something in it! Or going to the bathroom less than every half hour- lol.
Okay, complainings done!! Phew, sorry had to get that out. Really, pregnancy's been great and I shouldn't complain. It could be sooo much worse- and we're getting into the worst part I'm afraid! So count my blessings, I know!! Only 81 days left- 11.5 weeks- 2.5 months- it's crazy how fast it's going! I'm trying to enjoy all the little things that I'll miss- like hiccups! It's so cute! I noticed him get them for the first time during the wedding, actually! We were sitting there listening to the ceremony when I kept feeling this little "tick, tick, tick, tick, tick" in the same spot in a very rhythmic pattern. I was like, "what are you doing in there, baby Ro?" when I remembered reading about hiccups and the light turned on! Oh yeah! So cute :) Little things like that make you realize how human he is.... I also love when he really starts moving- (except when I'm trying to sleep) he kind of kicks and rolls and jabs all day, but once in a while he REALLY starts going- I feel his little body parts all over my belly and if it weren't for all the ultrasounds, I'd wonder if he had more than two arms and two legs! He can flip around so much it's a wonder that the umbilical cord is not in a giant knot. Sometimes I poke my sides until he pokes back, and it's so amazing when I can feel a little hand or foot (or something hard and pokey!)
I can't wait to meet him. (and swaddle him up and put him to bed somewhere other than my belly!)


ck2m said...

You three are to cute. I love the cordinating outfit you and Matt had. I think you look great. My friend is two weeks ahead and she is starting to feel ready for it to be over too. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

Kristy said...

It MUST be the camera angle! ;)

Hang in there hun! It's all worth it in the end! All the aches, pains, & restless nights go away instantly when you see that babe! ;) only then to be replaced with crying, pooping, spitting up & still sleepless nights!
yay! ;)