Friday, July 25, 2008


Okay- so I'm putting up a poll. What's with these little invading critters? We got home last night and there they were- all marching in line across my new kitchen unit in search of the dog's bowl. Eewww....
Honestly, they don't bother me nearly as much as Matt. Why? Because ants just happen. To everyone. Or so I thought. Apparently, Matt's never gotten ants. Not since me, anyway. hahaha-
I remember as a kid that every year the ants find their way in. You take care of them, end of story. No big deal. Kind of yucky- but not like spiders or fleas or mosquitoes or something nasty that bites or even flies which have so many nasty germs- they're just harmless little sugar ants.
So- the poll. Is it just me? Or does Matt just not REMEMBER having ants as a kid? Do you get them yearly? Twice yearly when the seasons change? So often that you've begun naming them and giving them treats like family pets? Or is it really just me and no one else gets ants? We'll find out. ;)
I did discover a cool trick at the condo, however: plain ol' white vinegar. They aren't a fan of it. (who is? it stinks! but just for a minute until it dries.) Just spray it where their trail is and they wont bother going that way again. In this apartment, it seems it takes a few applications, but then they'll leave us alone. Matt wants to go out and buy ant traps right away (expensive, toxic ant traps- to put right there with the food) which to me is even worse than the ants, but hey, if the vinegar doesn't work this time, we'll resort to traps.

Update: it's Monday and we haven't seen the little suckers since! Yay for vinegar again!

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Alicen said...

i wish i knew to use vinegar when we had ants at our previous home. i have to side with your hubby on this one. it really grossed me out to see ants crawling on my toddler son's face while he was asleep!!! thankfully, it was our temporary home... and we don't have to deal with them anymore. thanks for the great tip!