Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Week Old!!

Can't believe it's already been a week- Hasn't Matt been GREAT about updating the blog? I, on the other hand, am either nursing or sleeping or nursing or eating or nursing or.... you get the idea: no time for blogging :) But our little champ has been napping for an hour and a half and I'm finally caught up on email and facebook- so I thought I might be able to sneak in a few details about MY whole experience! (a few details- haha- this is going to be LONG- but I've been storing up for a week!)

Last Tuesday we went in for our 41 week check up, and little Rowen was still floating way above my pelvis and my cervix was still completely long and closed- no signs of my body preparing to go into labor. Being a week over due already didn't help- and after two weeks the placenta can start breaking down so the uterus is possibly a dangerous place to be for a baby after that point. My doctor said we could continue to wait it out that week if we needed to, but again- no signs of "hope" for a natural start. She also could not recomend induction as the chances of it working were slim to none, and that could make it dangerous. At this point in my perfect pregnancy, it the odds for a safe delivery and healthy mom and baby were shifting over to the surgical birth side. My doctor also made it very clear that she would be more than happy to get me in to some of her collegues for a second opinion if we felt we needed one. But we trust her and the way she's worked with us this far so there was no need- what she was telling us was just the facts. So, after discussing all the options and spending some time in prayer, Matt and I decided that the safest and best delivery at this point for this baby would be cesarean. My doctor happened to be on call Wednesday so we scheduled the surgery for 5pm so that she could be the one to do it. As most of you know, I had really wanted a natural vaginal birth so it was a hard decision to come to and I was nervous about the surgery and the epidural and the recovery etc- but God was SO faithful to my nerves and my heart! There was concern about the epidural being difficult, but it went without a hitch. The anesthetist did a great job and after a little trial and error with the dosages everything was perfect. The surgery then went perfectly as well, no complications whatsoever, and I was thrilled to discover I could "feel" the entire birth, minus pain. That was wonderfully unexpected. When the doctor pulled him out and he made his first cry it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever heard and I've been in love ever since!
They showed him to me and then cleaned him up a bit and did their thing, and then placed him by my head and Matt and I got a few moments with him- I was in awe. I couldn't really see him since he was right next to my head and I was strapped down, but ooooh I could feel him and smell him and it was all so delicious! Matt went with him to do the baby thing as they finished sewing me back up. I couldn't wait to see him- but I don't remember it taking long. The "clean up" was suposed to take 30-45 mintues, and I'm sure it did, but I wasn't watching the clock. The next thing I remember is being wheeled into the post-op room and seeing him in his little bassinette so perfect all bundled up- they let me nurse him right away and it was just beautiful. I dont' have words to describe all of the emotions - it was so euphoric and unbelievable - (I know, gush gush gush!)
We had to be in post-op for a little over 2 hours before being taken to the recovery room. Meanwhile all our family was in the waiting room since about 7:00- so it was a Happel/Hosford/Leahy/Carroll/Rekate/Christiansen party for about two hours before they finally let them in to see us! We were surrounded in the love of 13 visitors at 9:00. Everyone got a chance to hold Rowen and he was alert the whole time- quietly observing everyone with a little peep here and there, always settling down so easily. It was quite a night!
We were in the hospital until Saturday noon and had lots of great care and visitors- I'll recomend St. V's to anyone- they were awesome. But I was so happy to be headed home!

Recovery has been slow and a wee bit tender- but going VERY well. My dear hubby keeps reminding me to take it easy and I'm doing my best to obey! ;) Nursing is going so smoothly I can't believe it- from the very first try he's been 10-15 minutes each side and every 1-3 hours. Which is helping him sleep about 3 hours at a time at night- and boy do I know that we're blessed by that! Everything he does is amazing and we are so thankful and filled with joy- I just can't describe it. Aahh, love.

Everything has truly been beyond comprehension. I know that being so completely covered in prayer has made such a huge difference on our whole birth experience and everything concerning his first week of life. God has chosen- for whatever reason- to bless us with this amazing tiny being and we just can't get over it!

So thanks for your prayers, thanks for reading this incredibly long blog, thanks for your well-wishes and visits, thanks for the meals if you've been one of the providers :) thank you for being our friends and loving little Rowen into his new life! It's amazing!


Kim said...

Congratulations, your son is beautiful, and looks so much like you in your pictures!

ps...I got the address to your blog from your profile on babyfit, incase you're wondering.

BETHANY said...

I'm so glad that you have a peace about the way the birth turned out. It's great to shoot for your ideal, but it's equally important to accept reality when it doesn't fulfill your dreams. :)

He's a cutie!


Yay! I am so happy for you. Being a new mom is like the best thing ever! It is a good reminder to me of those feelings I felt for my little ones, when they aren't being so...perfect and sweet! Can't wait to see you guys at home groups and meet your little guy!

AshlandFive said...

Aww, what a great reminder of what that special first love feels like. You put it into beautiful words. ;)

Monica said...

Congratulations! I've enjoyed reading your blog.

Shannon McIntosh said...

So glad you're home... Rowen is so precious... I love the bath pics!
Praying for your sweet family,
Shannon and David