Friday, October 31, 2008

Three weeks have whizzed by...

Well hello there, long lost blog readers :o) Not much time for posting these days... But here's a few shots from yesterday and a little about what's going on in our lives the past week as we get to know baby Ro!

Good morning! I think this is how he says "I love you" -such a sweet angel baby :o) Makes the long nights worth it! We've been nursing about every two hours- which means about an hour or so of sleep at a time for me. Wee-ha! But he's so darling I just can't complain- (too much.)

We try to get a little exercise every day - hooray tummy time! He can lift his head up off the floor for a second at a time, and his legs are kicking machines. Little stud muffin... I, on the other hand, desperately miss my work outs. Three weeks of no exercise makes me feel like a slug- and I have three more weeks of recovery to go. *sigh*

Cloth diapering is going great. We are going through nearly 20 diapers a day (man- what a pooper!) so it's fun to think of all the money we're saving! The laundry's not so bad- I do a load every day but it's not like you have to match socks or fold the shirts just right or anything- it's just wash, dry, and dump into the right basket when they're done. We're using a little TP to scrape the poo into the toilet and then rinse the rest out - it's amazing that they aren't staining with his mustard-yellow poo. Three cheers for Charley's Soap. And his huge diapered booty is so darn cute! One downfall to said booty- onsies don't quite fit right. But there's this super nifty little gadget I have to share with you:the Onsie Extender! I picked up a pack of them at Mother Nature's for 5 bucks- they make his cute little halloween outfit (and all other onsies) fit just right. (Thanks for the cool duds, Nanna!)

Rowen is quite the "suck"er. He tries to latch on to just about anything near his lips. When he's hungry he goes at it in full force, ramming his little head into things. We call it "bobbing for nipples." hahaha. I can't wait until he figures out where his hand and mouth are- then he'll be able to suck his fingers to his little heart's content! Last night he repeatedly got his fist in there for a moment at a time- I had to catch it on camera of course. He was trying so hard!

We like to wrap up the evening with a nice bath about every three days. He's liking it much more than he did the first couple times! Water in the face is no big deal, and he seems to like a good little scrub. However, he does hang on to his seat for dear life!
He's napping and sleeping pretty well- we're doing our best to put him down awake (albeit groggy, barely awake) so that he can learn self-soothing skills. He's doing a great job :o) (Proud Momma!) there's one exception, of course: the 7:00ish hour. For whatever reason that is fussy time. So he's happy falling asleep on Daddy's chest, and that's all right with us for now. He's still so small and snuggly and cute any way- resistance is futile.
Night night!


Tara said...

Good to hear things are going so well! Rowen is so very you think he looks like you or Matt? Or a combination? Or is it too soon to tell? :-)

"bobbing for nipples."---HA! That is hilarious!

Have a good weekend and God bless you

Alana's Blog said...

what a little darling! I love the halloween onesie! arent the extenders great! they have saved us lots of money not having to keep buying new onesies!

beauty school drop out said...

you know with breast feed babies you don't have to scrap poop. Just throw it in the wash and it will come out fine. We did that with Nolan. Unless you like scraping poo :)

With a toddler whole different story.

ck2m said...

Love the onesie extender! It is so funny. Glad to hear things are going well. I think it takes 1-2months before a schedule gets worked out with sleeping. At least that is what I have heard. Cute pictures too.