Monday, October 6, 2008

baby shower madness ;)

Nicole (due Nov 11) Kathleen (due Jan 14th) Me (due Sep 30 - what the heck?) and Brittany (due Oc 14th)
Okay, so none of it was madness- but going to two back to back was pretty funny :) I have to say, it is nice to be pregnant at the same time as some of your friends! Its a really joyful yet tough time in life and sometimes it's nice to have gals that are right there with ya. Oh my- how many bellies there were at Nicole's shower! Kathleen's was after hers. Both were a good time and I wish you ladies the BEST for the last part of your pregnancies!


Monica said...

You all are such cute pregnant ladies. I don't think I ever looked that cute when I was pregnant with either of mine (13 and 15 years ago!!!).

Sarah said...

Think you can make it to 42 weeks? I'll be in Portland for work next Wednesday. Can't wait to see you... and Rowan! :-)