Monday, December 8, 2008

Avis Louise Hilton Dec 12th 1917 - Nov 29th 2008

My Grandma Avis (Mom's Mom) went to be with the Lord last Saturday, November 29th 2008. I just wanted to share the few pictures that I have of her as a way of saying goodbye. She was born & raised in South Dakota, and moved to Portland in her 20's where she's been ever since. She's lived with my mom in Tigard for the past five years as she's walked the road between health and sickness. Now she can finally rest in peace.
I can't get this picture right side up of course- but here she is at Matt and my wedding, July 31st 2004. Her favorite color was black. When she saw my wedding pictures she said, "Well. Don't I look old."

Family was everything to Grandma. She loved it when family could get together and she'd be so irritated if EVERYONE couldn't be there. Sometimes when a big group would get together she'd say, "Now look at all this. None of this would be here if it weren't for me." :o) She had quite a sense of humor!
She left behind two daughters and one son, two granddaughters and six grandsons, two great granddaughters and two great grandsons. She could hardly wait to meet Rowen all summer. There were a couple hospital visits that we didn't think she would make it out of if it weren't for how excited she was for his birth. She told all her nurses she was going to have a great-grandson, and that would make her be that great grandma of "TWO GREAT GRAND DAUGHTERS AND TWO GREAT GRAND SONS!" Every time I'd visit she'd ask me when he was coming and I'd tell her not until the end of September and she'd say "Gaal! That long??"
When he was finally born I'd never seen her so happy in my life. She beamed.
Every time she'd see him in the last two months she'd say "Isn't he just perfect?" She loved that he had sideburns, and said she wanted to hear him cry. She couldn't believe he wouldn't cry.

The last time we saw her was Thanksgiving morning. She was feeling up to holding him, and I'm so glad that she got to one last time. These are the last pictures ever taken of her.

We buried her back "home" on Saturday, next to Grandpa in South Dakota in the family cemetery.

Corn fields and sky as far as the eye can see...


ck2m said...

So sorry for you and your family. Nice that her and Rowen where able to meet and share some time together.

Brandon, Tracy and Riley said...

You have some wonderful shots of her and Rowen. You will be so thankful to have those in years to come. Sorry to hear about your loss.

karen said...

I'm sorry for loss.