Friday, January 2, 2009

Credit Unions Rock

Okay, so this is a bit of advertising, but I wish I'd known about it years ago, so here's a tip for all our friends and family.
Last month, we finally made the switch from Washington Mutual over to Rivermark Community Credit Union. We checked out all the local credit unions, and this one seemed to be the best for what we were looking for. Anyone can join, there's no fees, you can use almost any credit union or 7-11 ATMs for transactions, thanks to the "shared branching network" - It's just like the bank, except get this:
we just got paid nearly $40.00 in dividends for banking with them. That's for December, not for the year.
So why do you still use a big Bank?


BETHANY said...

I'm happy with my big bank, but out of curiousity I'm wondering what the $40 was for.

ck2m said...

To funny Corey and I just switched from Washington mutal to Rivermark today. We are excited about earning money from banking with them. :)

Brianne said...

Bethany- I was happy with our old bank too- especially since I could walk there (how convenient!) But if I can make 3-5% in dividends each month, why not? It's not much, but it's baby steps closer to getting out of debt!
Carol- That is too funny! And weren't they super nice? Matt and I were so impressed by how nice everyone there was!

beauty school drop out said...

I love credit unions we have been members for years. We don't use Rivermark but oh well. Our house loan is with First Tech at the time we bought. They had a first time home owners class and saved you x amount.

Where in Hillsboro is a Rivermark?

ANNICA said...

I am currently in the process from switching from Rivermark back to Wells Fargo. I am tired of R.M. taking 4 or more days to reflect a bill paid on my online banking account summary. Wells shows an instant update to my account balance and has a budget breakdown of my spending. I love the people at Rivermark though!