Friday, January 2, 2009

My Horn can Pierce the Sky!

Too bad the pic didn't quite get the whole box- click on it to zoom in and see her beautiful horn! hahahahaha.
my dad must have been very good this year, he got a "princess unicorn" for Christmas! It was from Dwight.

(aka- my sister & brother in law who felt a little cooped up in all the snow and ice and got crafty with a barbie, a screw, and a little photo shop!) The box was complete with the phrase "my horn can pierce the sky!" Oh man, my sides STILL hurt from laughing. hahahaha

(If you don't watch The Office, this will be totally lost on you. Sorry.)


lundbergfamily said...

SO funny!!! I love Dwight!

Kristy said...

Dwight Schrute: Every year I do research to determine which toy will be the most popular of the Christmas season. This year, it's a doll: half girl, half unicorn. Catch phrase: [reading box] "my horn can pierce the sky." Pathetic. [scoffs] I bought out every store in the area over the past couple of weeks, and, as lazy parents become more desperate, I will sell them, at an enormous profit. Isn't that right, princess?

hahahaha! love it.

Sarah said...

That rocks!! It looks just like the one on the show.

Props to Trevor and Lindsi.