Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What has Rowen Been Up To?

For those of you following this blog just dying for new Rowen news- here's a post just for you!

He's learning lots of new tricks- here he is chewing on a link! Ooooh, what fun! Double handing it, no less.

He loves his little friend Eilee. :o) He watches her and talks to her and reaches out to touch her- (She'd rather look in the mirror- sorry Ro!)

Oooh- a thumb AND a link! Now THAT's talent.

He's getting so good at his tummy time! He can lift his chest off the floor for little bits at a time, and will rest on his elbows for a second or two. What a little super star :o)

Tomorrow he'll be three months old- unbelievable!


Jacki R. said...

What a cute smile! Yes, don't let us blog stalkers down by not posting enough pictures!

Alana's Blog said...

I love his big grin! what a cutie he is!