Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Help Rusty find a New Home

It's not fair- to poor Rusty- to try and keep him any longer.  He is obviously not a "family" dog.  We thought he'd get used to having Rowen around, to being the family pet rather than the fur baby- but after 9 months he's only getting more and more sad.  He needs a family without small kiddos- who aren't tugging his tail and feeding him cheerios (he's allergic to wheat- makes him scratchy scratchy!)
Before Rowen came home, Rusty was the best dog.  He doesn't chew or bark, he loves his owners and is very faithful.  He can hold his bladder for 14 hours straight!  (it happened once in a while when we were both working- sad- I know...)  He doesn't run away when you open the front door, doesn't need a lot of space to run- just likes to look out a window and watch the day go by.  (Preferably on a soft blanket or pillow!)  He does a few tricks and is a fast learner.  The biggest challenge we've had with him is keeping all wheat out of his diet.  Lately it's just not happening.  We try to- and imagining having two kids (someday)- the crackers and cheerios and pasta and toast... it's just not happening.  So Rusty is an itchy mess.  he's eating his backside like it were prime rib. (ew- maybe a bad mental image!)
So if you know anyone who wants a free, sweet, adorable, well behaved small dog- let us know.  It's sad to have to give away part of your family... but we really think it's the best for him.  He's old and isn't up to the baby game. :o(  


The Boggs Family said...

How sad!! But that's the ultimate love, to give him a better home without kiddos. I hope you find somebody who will love on him!

marilyn said...

Brianne! Our backdoor neighbors are about to lose their older dog, Murphy. They are experiencing sadness too! They have another dog that will be very lonely soon. I wonder if Rusty might have a new happy home there!

Jacki R. said...

:( Oh I'm so sorry you have to go through this. He sure is a sweetheart, but you're doing what's best for him! I hope you find a great place for him soon!

Stacey said...

That's so sad! I hope you guys find a great home for your little "man".