Monday, July 20, 2009

Simple Things that make me Happy #1

Monday's are not anyone's favorite.  So in honor of the lamest day of the week, I'm going to tell you (myself) some simple thing that makes me happy.

Today's simple thing:
reading my bible with a cup of coffee out in the cool morning sunshine. (on my strange little deck structure- hey, the lounge chair is comfy!) What makes you happy today?


Kami said...

Also - passing by my pretty scrapbook paper that I can't seem to find time to use but still love to be inspired by =)

TheBoehme3 said...

Hehe! We have the same baby monitor! :) Our little electronic leash...

Mine is: Listening to my little boy talk, sing, and play in his crib while I play around online...sipping coffee and having already snuggled into the couch for some time with the Lord. Relaxed mornings are the best!