Friday, July 17, 2009

Nikki's 25th Birthday Dessert Extravaganza

My little sister turned 25 this month!  To celebrate,  everybody made a dessert that she would like.  It was a contest, of course!

Brit's entry:  dutch oven cobbler made right on the spot!my entry: sample size chocolate pot de creme (why am I the only one who thought of sample size? lol)

Karen's entry: super-moist chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting

ken's entry: (enjoyed here by Josh) pumpkin roll 

Becca's entry: carrot cake

Troy's entry: dark chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and heath bar

Josh's entry: doughnuts!

The winner was Justin with his entry: chocolate cake with a raspberry puree layer and a marzipan layer and white chocolate frosting. Can you say Oh. My. Goodness?

everyone having a glorious gluttonous time!
Happy Birthday, Nikki!

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