Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Three Months

102# 29"

It's hard to believe, but I'm already three months along. Walking straight into my second trimester after I blinked and missed the first. I've gained about 4 pounds, sweet baby is the size of a lemon and has been giving me no trouble whatsoever. Except the trouble of finding clothes that fit... All my maternity clothes from Rowen are for summer, so I guess it's about time to hit Old Navy before I stretch out all my long-sleeve shirts. I certainly have more energy this pregnancy than my first. I remember being completely useless the first couple months at least. Perhaps it's because I'm chasing a toddler around and don't have time to think about it. Trying again to do what's best and eat the right things, avoid the bad things, and to stay active as much as I can. Though I'm certainly not being AS strict as I was with Rowen. I've definitely let a cup of coffee slip past my lips here and there! Ah well, little lemon will just have to survive.

With three down and just six to go, July is going to be here so quickly. Hoping and praying God gives me strength and wisdom to be a mother of two.

The Progress:
Pre-Pregnancy: 105#
One Month: 100#
Two Months: 102#


ck2m said...

Yea for the tummy pictures. I really liked the cute ones you took when you were pregnant with Rowen. Hopefully wearing the pink tank top means its going to be a girl. Have another healthy 3mos.

Jamie said...

You will be a great mommy of two! It is bunches of fun (and a whole lot of work), but they will be good buddies too. Yeah for the blessings of little ones!

Tara said...

You look great! I was wondering how your pregnancy was going. Glad to hear all is well!!

Stacey said...

Did you guys find out what you're having?! I'm glad to hear this pregnancy is so much easier than the last - that's encouraging for those of us who had a rough first pregnancy. :) You look wonderful!