Tuesday, April 1, 2008

3 month belly!

32", 104lbs


Well, there it is! my ginormous belly. And it's only going to get ginomouser. Like how my guts are poking out through my stomach muscles on top there? Not that you can see my stomach muscles, for heavens sake. Those have been hiding since high school. haha.
And my posture is terrible. Straighten up, girl! Put your shoulders back! I'm almost tempted to make Matt take my picture again. hahaha- poor guy. I'm all "you're too close, no not that way, the other way, no no, too close. Too far. Okay, now do it again. I need some to choose from." (pregnant ladies, I swear.) ;)
He wouldn't be too surprised, however. I haven't exactly been able to make up my completely emotionally stable mind, lately. Cry, laugh, panic, cry again, laugh some more, and.... go to bed. zzzz.......
It's exciting to be officially in our second trimester now that we're three months pregnant. 14 weeks today! Time is flying. I'm going to blink and we'll be half way there!
Well, I'm off to sew some pillow cases. That's all I have for now. :)
one month
two months


Kristy said...

you look fantastic!

mrsbrooks said...

You look great sista! I am so thrilled for you both! I wish I was showing that much but im not yet! Love you

Sarah said...

You look so much more pregnant in person!! The picture doesn't do you justice. :-)

(I'm sure that exactly what you wanted to hear...)

The Biles said...

You look so cute!

Matt & Brianne said...

aww... thanks everyone. :) I think maybe next month I'll feel cuter... hehehe

Stacy said...

Hey Brianne,

Haven't seen you on BabyFit much but then again I have been quite busy. You're only 104 lbs silly, you look great! Remember every woman is different (i.e how they carry, when they gain weight & how much, how many inches they grow, ect)... Keep smiling dear.