Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Preparing for a Sibling

I've started doing a little reading on how to best prepare Rowen for his new baby brother or sister. (key word being "little"- I should really start spending some time on this probably.)
Some suggestions that I think might be helpful are moving him to a big boy bed asap, and taking the crib out of his room until the baby needs it. Then I guess it feels to Rowen like it's not *his* crib the baby is hijacking.
Another is getting Rowen a baby doll. I can't say that I'm uber excited about getting my baby boy a dolly, but I'm not against the idea either.
Also, checking out "new sibling" books from the library, visiting friends with newborns, etc.

Last night was day 1 without a bottle before bed. He got his warm hemp milk in a brand new "big boy" sippy cup he picked out himself. Which, he outright rejected of course. There was much crying. He did sleep eventually, however, and tonight will be day 2.

So I guess I'm asking for your advice & opinions, on things that have worked for you, gone terribly for you, or for others you know... keep in mind Rowen is 16 months now and will be almost 21 months when baby's born, Lord willing.

These five months are going to go by so quickly...


BETHANY said...

Well, I already responded to this on FB, but I'll give the paraphrase here.


That's it. :)

Vinae said...

I agree with Bethany - it's not really anything to stress over. Be excited about the baby and Rowen will be excited too. We made a big deal about Gibson getting to sleep in his own bed, and since the kids are sharing a room (some day), the crib was kept up and Gibson knew it was for Tabitha. He only wanted to sleep in it once after he moved to his big bed and that's because we set up a mobile that he wanted to play with. :) The doll is a good idea, but I think it comes in handier after the baby is born. Gibson like to "nurse" his baby doll while I nursed Tabitha. You're right, the next 5 months will go quickly. Enjoy them!!

beauty school drop out said...

Nolan was 23 months when we had Paul. we took the crib down around 21 months. When we set it back up he knew it was for baby. We didn't really have any issues until now. Paul can crawl now and touch's "Nolan's things". So this has been hard. He didn't really understand the whole baby things. We tried books and seeing friends. So we just let things play out.

relax and enjoy this time you have with your little guy before baby. I hope tonight goes better at bed time for you.

Kristy said...

Oh the joys & worries of motherhood!
we set up a big boy bed {an extendable bed from IKEA} up in C's room months before K was due, so he could get used to it & gradually he transitioned to it.
We also got him a baby doll & a stroller to play with. I felt weird about giving him one, but, in turn, it helped him learn to be soft & gentle with the baby & we talked about when sissy came how he needed to be that way with her too. We read lots of books about being a big brother too!

So for us, those things worked & being relaxed about it all. I think there is no right way, but about being adaptable! :)
pray. relax. pray. breathe. pray. repeat!

you'll do great & so will Rowen! :)