Friday, February 5, 2010

Four Months

34.25" 107#

Not much change since last month, nothing tremendously exciting to report, all seems well and little Bell Pepper is busy doing acrobats most of the day. I feel good, tired and a little breathless at times, but good. I do love being pregnant. Such a sweet time...
We're very excited for the ultrasound Wednesday... looks like our readers are rooting for some pink! We did the "needle test" last night with my mom, and the needle says "girl." as well. (The needle accurately "predicted" Rowen's gender, as did the ancient chinese gender chart, which is saying "girl" as well. We'll see!!) YOU, my dear reader, are going to have to wait until Friday to find out. Thursday we're playing a little game at family dinner night. Everyone is going to come wearing either pink or blue, whatever they think little Pepper is going to be. Matt and I will come also in the correct colored shirts and we'll see who is right and wrong!
One thing is for sure, God is good and He knows not only the gender, but the exact child we need in our family and that's who we're going to get. Such a peace!

The Progress:
pre-pregnancy: 105#
One Month: 100#
Two Months: 101#
Three Months: 102# 29"


Tara said...

how fun! can't wait to find out. :) You look great-what a cute bump!

The Boggs Family said...

You've lost weight from being preggo?!!! Lucky you! I've gained it for you. : ) I'm so curious to see what you're having. What a fun game to play with your family!! So Matt will even wear pink if he has to?!! ; )

Brianne said...

I lost about 7 lbs before I started gaining again. I was in the process of loosing the last of Rowen's baby weight when we got pregnant- so the first month I was dieting and exercising before I found out! So from my low point, 98, I've gained almost 10 lbs so far. Pretty average :o)

Brianne said...

Oh, and I told the boys they could wear red if they didn't own pink. lol. I think they might just go with blue. Easier ;)

Kristy said...

um, i dont think i can wait til friday to hear the news! AHHHH!!!!!!! ;)

the chinese gender predictor was right BOTH times for me! :)

beauty school drop out said...

The Chinese predictor said Paul should have been a girl. :)
I wouldn't change it two boys is a lot of fun.