Tuesday, September 30, 2008

9 months and counting!

Well- here we are, hours away from entering our 10th month. We made it! I'm feeling really good- so happy and so blessed that this pregnancy has gone as well as it has and we've got a healthy little stinker in there. In two weeks or less, we'll be holding him in our arms! So exciting! God has been so faithful- I know He's taking care of us and that His plans for us are perfect- so I'm completely content and at peace with His design for Rowen's birth, whatever and whenever it may be. Glad to be still hanging in there. I wish everyone else were as easy going- the comments from friends and strangers alike are still ridiculous ;)
And here's the 9 month shot:the progress:
pre-pregnancy: 102# 24"
one month :100# 24"
two months :101# 29"
three months :104# 32"
four months: 108# 32.5"
five months: 114# 35.5"
six months: 118# 37"
seven months: 120# 37.5"
eight months: 124# 40"
nine months: 124# 40.75"

At my ultrasound on Friday they estimated him to be 8 lbs (give or take a pound) and he's measuring perfectly. That puts him in the 65th percentile - just barely bigger than average. I'm so excited to see him!! He still hasn't dropped, but sometimes they don't. I've been hearing from more and more moms who's babies never dropped before going into labor. So I'm just not worried about it. My doctor has been so encouraging too- which is great. She's definitely keeping us prepared for labor and delivery to not go as planned, but is hoping with us that it will. She's still supporting our desire to wait it out, and is having me go in later this week for another non-stress-test to keep an eye on everything, to make sure it all stays perfect.

So it's just the waiting game!


Natalie Sumetz said...
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Kristy said...

thinking about you......praying for you.......


Miri said...

Aw, you are so beautiful, esp with your adorable baby belly! I am glad you are feeling so peaceful about everything. It definitely doesn't help to stress out about being overdue.

Still praying everything goes smoothly! Any plans for getting induced on a certian date or anything? Big hugs & lots of prayers! Can't wait to meet the little guy!

-Miri Carr